Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Events This Year

Dear YAGgers,

Tonight at our potluck/game night, we discussed what kind of events we want to host this year.  There is a bigger emphasis on service, and we decided we would have several events throughout the year that would be publicized as church wide events.

Like last year, I am not able to host/plan all events.  The list of events below won't happen if someone doesn't take the lead on the event, send out group emails, get something published in the order of service, scroll etc.  I can walk people through that process.  There was also a general consensus that potluck/game night is fantastic and fun.  Anyone willing to take a month and plan a potluck would be ACES in my book!  We could even make it a reoccurring event. (last sunday of the month kind of thing...)  In addition, if there is ANY event you would like to host, please do not hesitate.  ALL contributions are welcomed!

Our Events This Year

October 10th, 2pm Pumpkin Hunt at Double R Farms--lead: sunshine glynn
October 30th,  7pm Halloween Party--Lead: Lisa Key
November 6th, Auction--Pitch in a couple $ next time you see Sunshine for our movie basket donation Lead, Sunshine Glynn
November 21st, 12pm--Put up Saltwater Holiday Tree/Potluck--our tradition!  Lead, Sunshine Glynn
December 5th, 4pm-9pm Holiday Party--Lead, Sunshine Glynn
December 24th, Ninja Santa--Lead, Kass Hodorowski
January 8th, 10am: Take Down Holiday Tree--Lead, Sunshine Glynn
January: Bowling night in Tacoma--Lead: Justin Peterson
February: Wine/Chocolate tasting--NO LEAD, SIGN UP PLEASE!
March: Karaoke--NO LEAD, SIGN UP PLEASE (church wide event)
March 26th: Earth Hour 8:30pm (possibly church wide event) Lead, Sunshine Glynn
April: Volunteer with homeless soup kitchen in South King Co area--NO LEAD
April: Flash Light Easter Egg Hunt in Puyallup, No LEAD
May: BINGO--NO LEAD, Please sign up (church wide event)
June: Salwater Service Project (church wide event) Lead--Sunshine Glynn
July: Camping: Lead, Katie Hardin

I hope you will take the time to read through the list and offer your leadership services on one of the events.  I would also love to see MORE OF YOU IN ATTENDANCE!!!!  We missed a lot of faces tonight.

with love,

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