Friday, February 5, 2010

Bunco Night!

Sunday, January 31st, was Bunco Night! Our lovely Katie hosted the event, held at Saltwater Church in the Welcoming Room. Bunco is a dice game that takes no skill or strategy (though some would argue that their dice-rolling technique puts them above the pack). We all put some cash into the pot, and the winners received cash prizes. Here are some pics from the evening...

Vanessa rings the bell to announce
"Let the Games Begin!"

And we're off!

We took an intermission to dig into our potluck feast of chili, meatballs, lil smokies, pretzels with dip, brownies, "evil" peanut butter fudge bars, "saintly" berry bran muffins, and various sparkling ciders.

Here's Katie on top of the world with the first Bunco of the night (3 threes), modeling the official Bunco Sombrero

...and then her sad and dramatic low as she rolled "snake eyes," completely eliminating her team's points for that round.

Here are our other Bunco Beauties...





and Lisa

Here's a breakdown of our winners:
Most Snake Eyes...Aaron (lucky winner of a can of Spam)
Most Birdies...Vanessa
Last Bunco...Liz
Least Wins...Matt
Most Wins...Katie

And the Grand Prize for Most Buncos goes to...Daniel

It was a great night full of good food and good company. A big Thank You to our host, Katie, and to everyone who came. Those lucky souls who escaped a closeup on the camera...Matt, Kathryn, Ryan, Jennifer, and Barb.

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justin said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun!